Why Invest with Kibra?

Real estate has long been recognized as a valuable investment. Yet most investors struggle to efficiently access the asset class. Finding quality investment opportunities requires relationships and local expertise. That’s where we come in.
1Institutional-Quality Property

Kibra is a digital platform for buying and selling institutional property. We connect investors with unique and compelling real estate opportunities.

Cumulative Return Since 2000
Real Estate
S&P 500
US Bonds
Investment period: December 2000 - December 2016. Real estate data is from FTSE NAREIT US Real Estate Equity REITs and represents total return data, with full reinvestment of dividends. S&P Total Return data is from CBOE. US Bond index is from the Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index. All data is as of December 2016. Real estate return data should not be used to estimate the return of Kibra investments.
2Investors-Only Platform

Kibra is completely private. Only qualified individuals and institutions have access to asset sales on our platform. Contact us to request access.

Tax Drag
Real Estate
22% Tax
Non-Real Estate
33% Tax
After-Tax Annualized Return
Real Estate
13% IRR
Non-Real Estate
11% IRR
Illustrative tax scenarios assume a hypothetical pre-tax net return of 16% IRR. Tax calculations are not tax advice and assume: 39.6% marginal tax rate, 22-year blended depreciation schedule for real estate investment and no depreciation for non-real estate investment. Actual rates and depreciation scenarios may vary. Percentages rounded to the nearest whole number.
3Technology-Driven Investing

We fundamentally improve on traditional real estate investing models. Our platform allows investors to carry out deep diligence completely online.

4Local-Expertise Network

We have in-depth local expertise in our markets*. Our network consists of 300+ highly motivated, qualified individual and institutional investors.

What we do

Our primary focus is sourcing compelling investment-properties. Our technology-enabled real estate investment platform main emphasis is on differentiated sourcing, diligence enhanced by data and increased transparency.
1Differentiated Sourcing

Underwriting deals requires looking at historical rents, local comps, and future rental growth and returns. New supplies coming into the market We’re a team of professionals from well established real estate investment firms. Our investment committee is led by top tier, qualified consultants and executive board members. Kibra's highly-effective and well-resourced brokerage team supports successful negotiations - arranges institutional investor review, asset tours, and investor memos of vetted and listed assets - supports investors in evaluating premier properties to meet portfolio needs - aids owners in reviewing and evaluating fully-vetted offers, NDAs, and LOIs - work alongside stakeholders in each opportunity to ensure successful outcomes - completes all legal transaction and underwriting services

2Diligence Enhanced By Data

Our fees are 50% lower than traditional consultancies or brokerages. Our market place advances exchanges and transactions among qualified investors. Kibra is the single private resource for institutional real estate investors in Dubai and the Middle East providing: - fundamental enhancements of traditional real estate investing models - transparent technology to improve sourcing, due diligence and transaction practices - highly-effective and well-resourced transaction team to support successful negotiations - significantly lower fees compared to competitors

Kibra Investor Net Return
Fund Investor Net Return
“Kibra Investor Net Return” and “Fund Investor Net Return” based on a hypothetical 16.0% gross IRR over a 5-year hold period. “Fund Investor Net Return” assumes 1.5% annual fee on committed equity and a 20% promote over 8% preferred return with 50% catch-up. “Kibra Investor Net Return” assumes 1% transaction fee on cost and 1.5% annual fee on invested equity. Numbers may not add due to rounding.
3Increased Transparency

Our data team and investment in technology enhance the traditional sourcing, diligence, and asset management processes for investors. As investor interest in the institutional real estate market in Dubai and the region expands, many see the need for change in traditional real estate transaction models. Kibra brings change designed to enhance tradition, while creating new practices to meet investors' expectations. Sellers benefit from a technology platform that offers privacy without loss of opportunity and investors, once vetted, have full access to exclusive detailed property information.

4Better Economics

We take our responsibility seriously. We assume an active asset management role and provide detailed deal-level transparency. Combining the power of technology to insure privacy and transparency with a highly-effective and well-resourced transactional team, Kibra delivers a powerful and greatly improved institutional investment model at significantly lower cost than competitors. If you see potential opportunity in integrating the best of technology and transaction models, get in touch with our transactions team at invest@kibra.net

How Does Kibra Compare?

We are committed to offering more transparent, efficient ownership in high-quality commercial real estate opportunities.
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Investment Expertise
Lower Fees
Efficient, Flexible Commitment


What is the minimum deal size?
We typically permit a minimum value investment of $20 Million USD per transaction. Our investors range from qualified individuals through larger groups and institutions committing more sizable commercial and multi-residential assets.
What if I want to diversify my investment across multiple transactions?
Kibra offers a Managed Account option that provides diversified allocation across transactions within a defined set of parameters. Please contact us at invest@kibra.net if you are interested in learning more.
What size of opportunities does Kibra pursue?
We typically pursue potential property deals requiring a minimum investment of $20mm. We utilize prudent leverage at the property level, in an amount and form that we believe is accretive to each opportunity.
How frequently are opportunities available for investment?
We focus on quality over quantity. Our senior team sources properties meeting strict investment criteria, which instills both patience and alignment for our investors. We are constantly reviewing opportunities but only act on the small subset we find compelling. As such, only a small number of investments may be available at any given time.
The terms of each investment may vary, and you should read the Documents before making any decision to invest.

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